All about Yeshi Lhendup Films!

Deriving the brand name from a person, Yeshi Lhendup Films is now the highest rated Film production brand in Bhutan. From filming a very popular Nepali-based Tibetan singer Sonam Tobden to the youth idol Misty Terrace (Tandin Wangchuk), Yeshi Lhendup Films is the full-time freelance Bhutanese professional film maker. 

This brand has went into producing several music video’s (MTVs) that generates a minimum of 1.5K in the YouTube in the same day it is released. From the production of the famous MTV on La Nye Ngam featuring Misty Terrace with the beautiful Sonam Wangmo, Yeshi Lhendup Films also is the sole maker of other viral MTVs like Zamling Aie featuring the Rapper Nala, Ya Taru Ma Taru featuring Sonam Wangchen with actress Tshering Zangmo and many others. His recent MTV called Thong Ra Ma Thong is now the new hit in the town. 

Today, with over 23K YouTube subscribers in the YouTube link called Yeshi Lhendup Films and with over another 23K followers in Instagram and 33K followers in the Facebook page, Yeshi Lhendup Films is the highest viewed entertainment account. 

Who is Yeshi Lhendup?

Yeshi Lhendup, a 26 year old, is the main man behind Yeshi Lhendup Films, who have branded his own works of film making as Yeshi Lhendup Films – deriving the brand name from his own personal name. 

From one of the remote village in Mongar Dzongkhag, Yeshi Lhendup is a graduate of Sherubtshe College. Since the college days, Yeshi had a serious affair and liking with the art of film making. He first debuted into directing and editing the short movie called ‘Nga Gawi Bum’ in his final year of college.

Although Yeshi is a graduate of environmental science and economics, he is more interested in pursuing the visual arts. Thus, he is now a committed and the full-time professional freelance film maker and also the freelance photographer.

List of films and MTVs by Yeshi Lhendup Films

It is quite impossible to list down the Films and the MTVs the Yeshi Lhendup Films has produced thus far since the brand keeps on bringing new Films and MTVs quite often. However, following are the list of few personal favorite MTVs the brand has produced as of June 2019: (click on each link to watch the full video.)

  1. La Nge Ngam
  2. Zuki
  3. Choe Dangpa
  4. Norzib with O’starngers
  5. Zamling Aie
  6. Apar Ja Gi
  7. Ya Taru Ma Taru
  8. Dhue Hema
  9. Mo Mee Ba
  10. Feeling
  11. Thong Ra Mathong
  12. Karsel Zumbay
  13. Tshering Changmo
  14. Taktsher Meto

The next two MTVs on Laythro Mindu and Why You Hating are releasing soon, and you can keep reckoning on this by following him either in Facebook, Instagram or in his YouTube account.

Similarly, Yeshi Lhendup Films also have worked on very advertisement and commercial videos and photographs. Featuring the very beautiful actress Sherba Lhamo, Yeshi Lhendup Films has produced several commercial advertisement including ad-video on Chaari Tiles and the advertisement video on Hotel Norpheling.

Yeshi Lhendup Films also worked with one and only the women magazine of Bhutan called Yewong Magazine for the Yee Getaway series. Similarly, Yeshi Lhendup Films also works in the making of wedding videos for the private entities and encrypts and digitizes the couple’s love and vows.

Why is Yeshi Lhendup Films successful and unique?

The Films and MTVs by Yeshi Lhendup Films are mostly successful firstly because of the photography and the visual quality. The photography and the visual quality in Yeshi Lhendup Films are very clear and dynamic.

Secondly, he is mostly featuring the new faces and giving those enthusiasts’ youth the opportunities to grow and groom in the visual arts. Through his films and MTVs, audiences are introduced with lots of young, vibrant and some of the extremely good looking casts who can be one potent future artists.

Similarly, Yeshi Lhendup Films are mostly thematic-bound. The films and MTVs are not just for fun and entertainment but they provide certain themes at the end. The MTV called Tshering Chagmo featuring Misty Terrace is one of the way of reviving back the Bhutanese folk songs, while the MTV on Zamling Aie by Rap Nala is about the waste management and avoidance of other humanitarian degradation.

Challenges and Experiences

Unlike any other products and services, Yeshi Lhendup needn’t have to do the promotion. People have started recognizing the products by the brand. Thus, he said, he gets an offer for the film making from the interested entities without having to look for the client.

However, film making isn’t like sipping up a cup of coffee during one of the exhausted afternoons. It requires perfections on the photography, on the shooting scenes, the story line, and in the timing the most. Post-production works especially editing is another huge task.

But Yeshi revealed that many clients do not realise about all these matters. They instead expect him to do the production with free of cost or with very minimal service charge. Anyway, he said, now the brand is established with the secure profile, everything is progressing well.

What to learn from Yeshi Lhendup Films

Yeshi Lhendup who is an ordinary youth has taken an extra-ordinary path of pursuing his passion and employing himself. Unlike the many rest of us, he didn’t wait for someone to give him the works and feed him with the monthly salary rather he looked for his own boxes of dollars. He is now the sole proprietor, photographer, director and the editor in Yeshi Lhendup Films.

Therefore, a lot of us especially the unemployment youth can learn a lot from this young man. The foremost thing is the lessons to pursue one passion’s and never give up.

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