What makes Druk Super Dancers 2020 special from other shows?

Druk Super Dancers 2020 which started premiering from the 18th of July and which is going to broadcast every weekend for the next several months is the only Dance Reality show of the country during this pandemic.

The show is organized by sir Kencho Wangdi and his team.

Here are some reasons which makes the Druk Super Dancers different and special from other reality shows?

1# Druk Super Dancers is based on the polls by the public

If you may remember, the organizer of the show, sir Kencho Wangdi created a facebook poll looking for the public’s choice whether to have the Druk Super Star or the Druk Super Dancers. Most people supported having Druk Super Dancers And that’s how the Druk Super Dancers was conceived.

2# Druk Super Dancers 2020 is the dance reality show after a decade

The last time Bhutan got to watch the dance reality show is almost a decade ago along with the Talent Hunt Show. Since then it was all about the singing shows. Bhutan got a lot of talented singers. Some became our forever idol like Sonam Wangdi from the Voice of Bhutan.

However, diverting from this monotonous-kind of the reality shows, the Druk Super Dancers is a game changer. People like me who is least interested in singings now waits for the weekend to arrive soon just because of the Druk Super Dancers.

3# Druk Super Dancers has and experienced producer and the team

The producer and the organizer of the Druk Super Dancers sir Kencho Wangdi is an expert in hosting such a reality shows in the country. He has organized several such shows in the past like the Druk Super Star which has now reached to Season 9. He has also organized the Druk Super Stars that gave rise to current Super Stars like Karma Phuntsho, Kinley Wangmo and others.

Therefore, the Druk Super Dancers is in the hand of one of the highest regarded show organizer and the team.

4# Druk Super Dancers is the honored platform for the Dance enthusiasts

For the dance enthusiasts, a platform like Druk Super Dancers is honorary where it is watched all across the country and also by those living outside Bhutan. They get to showcase their talents and to major on it.

Of corse, it is said there is no place in Bhutan to fill your belly by dancing. But that was in the past. Now people, especially our youth can take dancing as their profession and even enter to the international platforms. Some can even start the street dancing shows. We would definitely love that kind of change.

Many dancers in Druk Super Dancers are the youth. These youth which we say are the future of the country are already shaping their lives to a desirable livelihood. Moreover, for those beautiful young ladies from the Kalapingka Drayang, Druk Super Dancers serves as the game changer platform.

5# Druk Super Dancers has Cahrmi Chheda as the show director

Charmi Chheda is the popular Theatre artist, writer, director and the conceptualizer.  She is also one of the major hands in bringing the BBS show on Chaychay dedicating to the His Royal Highness the Gyalsey. She also is one of the backbones at the Royal Academy of Performing Arts that brings amazing performances at BBS Chikthuen. She has also directed several other shows and programs. Having her as the show director is like icing the cake.

6# Druk Super Dancers has the famous Tandin Sonam as the permanent judge

Tandin Sonam is very famous actor in the country. He is also loved for his dances in the movies. He is a vegetarian advocator and a firm believer in kindness. He worships Guru Rinpochoe. He is also a lawyer. For these many reasons, Tandin Sonam is an inspiration to all most all the people especially our younger generation. Having him as the permanent judge in the Druk Super Dancers is the added reason why this particular show is special from other reality shows.

Similarly, another judge Jamyang Dorji better known as Japey is a self-made dancer and a choreographer. He has choreographed in several feature movies. Having him as a judge who is so young is an act of inspiration and motivation for the dance enthusiasts.

7# Druk Super Dancers and the anchors

Sonam Choki (Sonam Max Choki) is loved for her versatility in talents. She is an actress, a singer, a mom, a dancer and also a beauty pageant. Having her as an anchor in the Druk Super Dancers has geared her fans to watch the dance show. In fact, she has attracted quite a lot of audience. Follow her on her Instagram to see the appreciation messages she receives as an anchor from her fans.

Similarly, Gyem Dorji is a highest rated comedian who is also an experienced anchor. He has anchored several reality shows. I personally like him for the humors he creates on the stage and make it fun and lively.

8# Druk Super Dancers and the guest judges

More than the same kind of faces and same kind of talks, audiences would prefer to watch different faces and listen to different talks. Therefore, the system of inviting different guest judge on every new episode of Druk Super Dancers is exciting.

9# Druk Super Dancers is the reality show amidst the Covid19

The fact that Druk Super Dancers is the dance reality show at a time like this when the world is battling against the deadly Covid19 itself makes the show special. It is a show like never before.

This show is particularly intended to entertain especially those people in quarantine and keep them engrossed. The show will have a positive impact on those fighting stress and depression.

10# Druk Super Dancers and the stage presentation

Having a large Royal portrait on the stage and performers vowing before it itself makes the stage presentation heart warming and catchy.

The streaming of the amazing pictures and clips in the background as the performers performs makes the stage looks expensive and decorative.

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