Sonam Tenzin- from a commoner to the youngest feature film Director.

At the age of 20, Sonam Tenzin is an actor, director, show manager,  content builder and also the social media representative of the Film Association of Bhutan (FAB). He has first stepped into FAB in 2018 with a very little role as a supporting actor in the feature film ‘Dhew Sanja’. Since then, he kept paving a smooth road for himself in FAB taking a cameo role in the movie ‘Druk- when the Dragon roars’ and also in ‘Guru Rinpochoe Khenoh’. He has also acted in several short movies broadcasted in BBS and also written a script for the short movie called the ‘Ravage.’

Sonam Tenzin also is the main man behind the Facebook Page called the ‘Bhutanese Film Information.’ The page has over 120K followers and supporters. All the information and updates of the Films and Artists are uploaded in that page with an immense support and motivation from the actor ‘Tandin Sonam’ and the seasoning director ‘Karma Jerry.’ Sonam Tenzin first created the Facebook page in 2014 or so, while he was at village, before entering to FAB. His passions and keenness towards movies and theater arts drove him to create the page which eventually led him to a bigger horizon. It is through this Facebook page that he got known to the actors and directors. Karma Jerry first offered him the role in ‘Dhew Sanja’ as a token of appreciation for his contribution to the FAB. Today, his Facebook Page is actively engaged in sharing all the basic information of the industry.

The major achievement according to Sonam Tenzin so far is when he got the opportunity as a Show Manager in the live dancing show ‘Druk Super Dancer’ in 2020. The role as a reality show manager has literally shaped him to become more creative and responsive to the changes. It has also brought him closer to many famous people including the producer of the show ‘Kencho Wangdi.’

Now, in 2021, Sonam Tenzin is into directing a feature film. The shooting is currently under way involving actress Kezang Wangmo, Tandin Wangchuk, Karma Yangki and the team. According to this amateur director, he has always been fascinated about creating and directing a film. He has been consistantly advised by director Karma Jerry to do the directing. Actor Tandin Sonam has also supported for the mission.  Now, the ball is in his court and he is giving the best. So he is grateful to the producer for the trust and giving opportunity to direct a feature film at the age of 20, thereby, making the  ‘Youngest director to shoot a feature film’. He is also grateful to  Karma Nidup – proprietor of Druk Heruka Aperture and Pema Tenzin popularly known as acho Nado or Ram. On set, director Sonam Tenzin is very much grateful for the veteran artists Kezang Wangmo, Tandin Wangchuk and to the entire team for being very cooperative and supportive to each other. He is also thankful for the Principal Nima Dorji  of Rinchengang Primary School for suporting his first project as a director.

As a director,  Sonam Tenzin is hoping to bring the best in Bhutanese cinema focusing mainly on distribution system, wherein, all the major audience are captured. He is also looking forward to work with new faces and new talents so to give opportunity to those who are interested.

Lastly, Sonam Tenzin is a strongly motivated person himself. He is open to all the opportunities that comes along the way. Given the roles and opportunities, Sonam Tenzin is someone who doesn’t let the stone uncraft.

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