Sangay Tsheltrim to debut into Bollywood movie Radhe with Salman Khan

The former Mr Bhutan and the bodybuilder champion Sangay Tsheltrim who has won the award for the ‘Best New Comer Actor‘ with his debut movie ‘Singye’ is now debuting into Bollywood movie called ‘Radhe’ making him first Bhutanese actor to share screen with the king of Bollywood Mr Salman Khan.

According to Mr Tsheltrim, getting the chance to debut into Bollywood is the dream come true. He said, “Getting into Bollywood was beyond my wildest dreams and now sharing screen with Salman sir, I still feel so blessed, honored, excited and happy. There are no words to describe how happy I am. Sometimes I wonder if it is real.”

Mr Tsheltrim better known as ‘Champ’ is the retired captain from the Royal Body guards who has served in the Royal Bhutan Army for over 2 years and Royal Body Guard for 6 years. In order to pursue his passion in body building, he resigned from such an elite profile. As a bodybuilder, Mr Tsheltrim won several championship medals including the Gold Medal from in 2015 from Uzbekistan making him the first Bhutanese to win the Gold Medal at an Asian level in the sporting history of Bhutan.

Currently he is the dedicated bodybuilder who has recently opened one of the biggest gym in the country called the ‘Muscle Factory.’ According to him it is his dream project. Through his project, many people are inspired for the body building and the fitness lifestyles.

Journey of Mr Tsheltrim into Film Industry

Mr Tsheltrim first entered the Film Industry with the Bhutanese action blockbuster ‘Singye’ in 2018 from which he won the award for the ‘Best New Comer Actor.’ As an actor, he soon became the favorite screen face with the undeniably strong physique. His profile as an actor had him taken to the international cinema with the signing of three Bollywood movies which the two are offered by Salman Khan.

Today, the shooting of the first movie ‘Radhe’ has kicked off. The movie is expected to release by mid of 2020. According to Mr Tsheltrim, he is not allowed to reveal his roles yet but it is certain that he has a major roles.

The movie Radhe is the movie by the famous Prabhu Deva under Salman Khan Films with the lead cast Salman Khan himself with the thunderous casting. The movie has the other famous Bollywood stars like Jakie Shroff, Disha Patani and Randeep Hooda.

Mr Tsheltrim’s messages on Radhe

Mr Tsheltrim is very certain that the movie ‘Radhe’ will come out hitting the box office. He said that Radhe is completely an intriguing movie with the great actions and dramas.

According to him, Radhe is the Bab (father) of the all-time blockbuster movie ‘Wanted’ as referred by Salman Khan himself. He said, “Radhe is completely a unique movie in which the fans can witness great action and drama which will go beyond expectations as Salman sir himself said that Radhe is Bab (father) of his blockbuster movie ‘Wanted’ when asked by one of the journalists.

Mr Tsheltrim revealing the details of meeting Salman and the team

As one of his fans, I met Salman Sir back in April 2019 on the set of Dabang 3. My friend Haider Khan, who is also personal photographer and promo director for Salman sir introduced me to him. We chatted over a cup of coffee for an hour or so. After a month I got a call from a casting company and they told me that Salman sir has given me a major role in a movie with another lead actor. I came to Mumbai to meet the director of the movie, signed the contract and went to thank Salman sir personally. We met for few minutes as he was shooting an important scene for Dabang 3. I thanked him and came back to Bhutan.
Around September 1st week I got a call again and this time they said Salman sir has given me an important role in his own movie and I was asked to come to meet the director of the movie Prabhu Deva. So I made an appointment and came to Mumbai one more time. I met the Prabhu sir and Salman sir. I spent whole day with Salman sir and he explained to me about the movie and how important my role is. You can imagine how I must have felt and now I am here still feels like in a dream shooting for the movie Radhe.”

Future plan of Mr Tsheltrim

When asked about the future plan of Mr Tsheltrim to do similar projects, he revealed that as of now there is no plan to do such projects. All that happened so far are like a miracle. He said, “Getting into Bollywood and that is also sharing the screen with Salman Khan in a single frame is dream-like which my happiness can’t be expressed in words.”

However, he revealed that he has the plan to make another action Bhutanese movie around mid-next year. Meanwhile, he expresses his gratitude to the Radhe team, family, well-wishers and the fans for the love and support.  

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