Facts and secrets of the upcoming movie Rolong – Make the dead walk

Because 2020 is too far and we can’t really ideally wait for the upcoming movie ‘Rolong- make the dead walk’ to hit the theaters without anticipating how the movie is going to be, let’s try to unfolded some of the facts and secrets of it. 

As the first ever Bhutanese movie to have conceived by an Indian and delivered in Bhutan, the movie is expected to capture the world-wide audience making a history in itself.  Here are the 10 facts and secrets of the historic movie ‘Rolong – make the dead walk.

1. Rolong is the 1st Bhutan Bollywood International movie 

Needless to mention that the movie Rolong is the first of its kind where Bhutan and Bollywood has collaborated. It is also perhaps the first movie that shall strongly increase the bilateral ties between India and Bhutan in the audio-visual segment. The crews and casts can learn and strengthen each other’s potential. 

The India’s one of the most successful and reputed director Faisal Saif is the writer and director of the movie. 

2. Rolong is conceived in India for the last 2 years, delivered in Bhutan in 22 days and will wrap up in Korea 

According to the director Faisal Saif, he has been working for this particular movie for the last two years. 

The movie is exclusively shot in Bhutan in 22 days starting July this year in Thimphu,  Paro and Punakha. The post production will be done in Korea while the background scores will be done by a Russian-American composer.

3. Rolong will be released in 4 languages at over 1000 cinemas 

Rolong is not a region-bound movie. It is targeted for the world wide audience and will be released in 4 languages; Dzongkha, English, Hindi and Bengali. 

Rolong will be screened at over 1000 cinemas of Delhi, Mumbia, Banglore, United States of America, Canada and Australia.  In fact, some of the leading movie distributing companies has already approached the project with their service. 

4. Rolong is first conceptualized to happen in Thailand but Sonam Choki is the reason to change the settings to Bhutan 

The writer and director Faisal Saif revealed that the Rolong was first conceptualized to shot in Thailand by collaborating with the artists of Thailand. Bhutan was never in his mind.  

However, after watching some of the music videos of actress Sonam Choki, the director changed his mind. He changed the settings to Bhutan and the change turn out to be all the worth. 

5. Rolong has both Bhutanese and Bollywood artists

Rolong has both Bhutanese and Bollywood artists.  The award winning actress Kavita Radheshyam and Nishant Pandey who are both popular in Bollywood is sharing screen with the Bhutanese favorite Sonam Choki and her husband Sonam Maekey Penjor. 

Our recent favorite Cheki Lhamo better known as ‘tik tok queen‘, the all time favorite Phurba Thinley and many other favorite faces are in the movie including the multi-talented Namgay Zam. The winner of the Best Director Kinley Kinga Tshering also has his hand and skills in Rolong as the art director.

6. Rolong will have the comedian Phurba Thrinley taking up the controversial role 

Mr Phurba Thrinley is the legendary comedian in Bhutanese cinema. He always have the witty roles. But in Rolong, this legendary comedian will be portrayed as the CID. 

Because CID can’t be witty and humorous, we are excited to watch this controversial and the transforming role of Phurba Thrinley. Moreover, Rolong is his 100th movie.

Similarly, it is also the first movie of the actor Sonam Maekey Penjor to portray as a Police Officer. I personally feels that the role of Police Officer suits the actor well given his well built body physique and appearance.

7. Rolong is not exactly a horror movie as it may sound 

As the name of the movie may suggest the scariness of the content, it is however not exactly a horror movie where a dead person walks out as a zombie or something alike. 

The director of the Rolong hinted that it is actually about rituals, greed, betrayal and a psyche of an outsider who comes to Bhutan and creates a demonic atmosphere. It is about influencing and inducing the innocent people into wrong doings.  

8. Rolong is a project with over Nu. 100 million costing 

Under the Blockbuzster productions in association with Faith Pictures Inc., Rolong is worth of Nu 100 million which is approximately about $1.428 million. Actor Sonam Maekey Penjor is one of the producers.

According to him, he has taken a calculated risk in the investment, but it is not all about the money. He is more into professionalizing and bringing change in the Bhutanese Film Industry.

9. Rolong is the movie aligning the inspiration and the vision of His Majesty the King of Bhutan 

Our king of Bhutan renders his Royal Patronage towards Film Association of Bhutan as it is one huge platform to exhibit and retain Bhutanese culture and values. 

Moreover, His Majesty always says what we lack in numbers must be made up by talents, hard works and justice. Therefore, by working with the successful Bollywood personalities, a great extent of knowledge, wisdom, experiences can be withheld and inculcate by the Bhutanese in professionalizing the Bhutanese films.

10. Rolong is going to be the must-watch movie of 2020

With all the dramatic and thriller elements in controversy to the love and romantic movies the Bhutanese audience are repeatedly fed with, Rolong is going to bring a new definition of a good movie. The movie is expected to release in mid 2020. It has 3 songs in total. 

As the director has revealed himself, Rolong definitely shall keep the viewers hooked, and thus, we can’t really ideally wait for 2020 to come fast and watch this historic movie.

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