Chencho Dorji – 1st Bhutanese Youtuber ((Prankster)

Chencho Dorji, 25, is the 1st ever Bhutanese youtuber or a prankster to make prank videos with the Bhutanese themes and audiences. He has made about 34 prank videos so far which he uploads to his YouTube channel at Bhutan You Tube. His You Tube channel has almost 6.62K subscribers thus far and it is very famous among people who loves watching fun videos.

Chencho has started making the prank videos out of his own interest last year. He never thought that his videos will be liked by many people and will go viral. But it just happened that most people liked it and encouraged him. That motivated him even more to make more videos. Today, almost after a year of producing the 1st prank Bhutanese video, he is now earning from it. His You Tube channel is monetized and he is personally so proud of it.

Beside You tubing, Chencho has completed a Japanese guide course, and he is looking forward for the journey ahead as a guide. He is also excited that he is going to make videos and work as a Vlogger with his tourist/guest when the coronavirus is resolved and everything becomes normal.

Here is the short informal interview we had with him:

  1. Introduce yourself

I am Chencho Dorji, Bhutanese first prankster (as many people say). I am comedian too. I have the You Tube Channel called ‘Bhutan You Tube’ where the prank videos are uploaded. All the viedos in my channel are scripted, directed and edited by myself. So, basically, I am all in one, and one man for my channel

2. How did you first get the idea of making Bhutanese prank videos?

I do watch a lot of prank videos from West including Asia and Africa. I don’t watch more from India because many people say, ‘Oh its copied from India’, and I don’t like such claims. Watching those videos, I realized of two things: Entertainment and True Knowledge. So, I tried to make videos of our own locality with our own local people intending to bring laughter and share the unseen knowledge of our own society.

3. How’s the people reacting on your video?

Being the first Bhutanese prank videos, many people are not aware of it. Some even think I am a jobless fellow trying to make fun and mock others. But I explain them well behind the camera and let them understand that it is purely intended for entertainment purpose. I get authority from them to use the clips in my channel. If somebody deny to let me use the cli, I don’t use it.  However, there are also some people who are very fond of my videos and they morally support me and my work.

4. How do you develop the contents?

As a youtuber and an entertainer, my priority is the content. I always take time to develop the content which is relevant to the changing time and our society. I give more focus on creativities. However, it is quite difficult to really find the topic and the themes to shoot. It is because there is nothing one wouldn’t find in the internet now a days. Every topic is been covered by other Youtubers around the world. But I am happy that I am making videos in my own style and own Bhutanese ways. I don’t usually copy from other videos. The plus point is that nobody in Bhutan has ever done a prank video like me. So, I can cover everything in my own ways.

5. Is there anyone or any agents funding you for the production of your videos?

No. No one is funding the production of my videos. But I got few people from outside Bhutan who happened to like my videos and they volunteered to sponsor

6. Do you plan to have a dedicated team for your Youtube Channel?

Yes. Sure. I want to actually professionalized my channel and the video production. Right now, I have no dedicated team members. I have to request stranger’s or my few friends to help me do the shooting. In future, I would like to build a dedicated team member for shooting, directing, editing and also acting if possible.


The usage of internet in the country is soaring up. Almost all people use internet. But there are only few people especially the bloggers, vloggers and youtubers who are using the internet to make money in Bhutan. According to Chencho, youth these days instead of staying ideal can take up anything from producing their own videos and building the software programs to make money. “Why use internet and waste money if you are not reaping anything out of it?” He said. Chencho plans to keep making more prank videos, keep entertaining the viewers and make a good living for himself.

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