Movie Review – Nge Agay

An abandoned little boy picked up by a random man, raised as his own son even at the cost of losing his wife, now never wants his father raising another abandoned girl. The boy, after falling into the ill-trap of his wife, thinks he is the legitimate son and the right heir to be getting all of the family shares and the belongings. He thinks the abandoned little girl picked up by his father is a threat, an ill omen, chaos and every bit of an inferior being.  

Staring Tobgye Wang as Rigden and Tshering Yangki as Yewong, the two are consumed by the materialistic greed, desires and hatred. Even over the almost-death bed of their father (staring Kezang Dorji or Ap Kazi as Agay Samden), the duo wanted a thumb print to legalize all of his parental properties to get transferred onto their names. From the act of taking away all the life-long savings of the father to selling the family herd (cattle) to the butchers for the meat, Rigden and Yewong wants to have a mechanized farm land with a power tiller and a utility van. In fact, the couple wants to own everything for themselves in the name of their unborn child from an infertile Yewong.

Showing every bit of how greedy and cunning one can ignorantly be, the movie ‘Nge Agay’ is so much of a heart-breaks and resentments when a son chooses his infertile wife and disregards his aging father even without a proper meal and a shelter just because his father has picked up a little abandoned girl Wangmo.

Acted by the 12 year old Lhaki Selden (Beboo) as Wangmo, I am candidly awed at all the talents the little girl is packaged with. For me, she is the one robbing all the essence and the charm of the whole movie through her realistic and miserable livelihoods. From secretly going to the school and listening to the teachings through the window, Wangmo and Agay Samden encounters a lot of rough days including mushroom poisoning to expecting their neighbors to drop them the daily rations.

Why you should watch Nge Agay?

1# Offers the lessons on family and the societal matters

The movie Nge-Agay offers a great deal of lessons on family and the societal matters. From Rigden partnering with his wife and disregarding his father and voluntarily snatching all the properties right, the movie revolves on the fact that, it is the parents who sacrifices a lot just to see their children shine.

The movie also reveals that the parents may walk away empty-handed from their own house if it is what would make their children happy. However, the unseen and the Karmic force of this action will one day befall to the children, and that’s when the realization and the regret will take the roots.

Similarly, the movie also gives a great lesson on child adoption and accepting those less fortunate as our own people during their hard times because it often can be them who would be a diamond coated by the coal.

2# Put a reminder that a human goodness wins over the greed and hatreds

Rigden and Yewong is the couple filled with greed and hatred. The duo is self-centered, ill-minded and scrooge. They are willing to sell the family-owned cattle for the meat and forcefully inherit all the family properties. They are afraid of the need to divide and share.

On other hand are their father Samden and the little girl Wangmo who battles the ill treatments and the harsh circumstances with acceptance and forgiveness. The old man and the little girl suffer in silence for the survival until one day when every truth is finally uncovered. In the last, it is the old man and the little girl who are the saviors and the hero to give the former two a sudden ache and realization.

3#  Production team, crew and the casts

Under the Sha Karma P Namgyal Production, Nge Agay is the movie directed by Ap Kazi who himself is one of the most experienced and the veteran actors. In Nge Agay, Ap Kazi as Agay Samden has given an unparalleled performances as an old miserable man.

Tobgye Wang – the real-life son of Ap Kazi has brought in an unbeatable performances as Rigden after his commendable debut in the movie Sertsho last year. Tshering Yangki – the actress known for having the similar facial structure that of our queen has performed no similar to her past performances of a sweet and a charming lady. This time, we are presented with her unbelievable side, where she is all that manipulative and a bitchy daughter in-law.

Similarly, Lhaki Selden (Beboo) is the one completing the whole team. Her performances are very realistic, and I felt like I was instead watching the real life incidences whenever Lhaki came on set. I must say she is very natural in acting and she removed all my feelings that I am just watching a digitized play.

The other faces like Azha Namgay, Azha Gyaltshen, Garsab Damche Tenzin, Tashi P Dorji and Tashi Chdoen (Chombal) have added on to the existing values of the movie.  

4# Songs

A good song often is the main element in making the movie comes out good. Nge Agay has some of the very good and the recent hit songs of the town. The song like Gungtey Sergi Meto by Jigme Norbu Wangdi and Tshering Yangdon (Pinky), Oii Datho Zhamba by Ugyen Dorji (Panday) and Pinky, Hum Thay Thay by sonam Wangdi and Pinky are all in the movie Nge Agay.

Each of these songs are very well choreographed in a very scenic scenes and background. I particularly liked the dance by Tobgye Wang and the team on the song Oii Datho Zhamba. The background dancers are also extremely good.

5# A peculiar story-line

Bhutanese movies are often criticized and not-well credited because they share the similar story line and the plot without much of the other climaxes and the necessary end point. They say many of the movies has the story line that has the lazy romances, that either a boy or a girls’ parents are too rich and the other’s too poor and that their marriage is objected, and thus, lands up in separate ways. Or that a boy living in the city goes to the country-side, finds an attractive rural girl, and gives her all the fake promises, impregnates her and then abandons her.

However, Nge Agay has a strong and a unique story line. The movie is focused more on educational and communal family values that we Bhutanese are adhered with. In just little more than two hours, the movie Nge Agay takes you to a roller coaster ride of various emotions and realizations, while fun and entertainment is guaranteed.

Released on 20th June 2019, Nge Agay is currently screening at Changigi Trowa Theatre. If you are looking for any good movies this summer to chill out with your friends and beloveds, you can reckon on to Nge Agay!

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