Super Star – A movie to win the award for both the best actor and actress!

Super Star, just as the title of the movie, it is a comeback movie of the already Super Stars themselves, Sir Kencho Wangdi and the former MP Kezang D Wangmo.

This 2 hours and 13 minutes long movie ‘Super Star’ directed by Kencho Wandi (KK) – producer of the television show on ‘Druk Super Star’ is the movie justifying the inner drive and thirst to achieve what one aspires to. It is about instilling and inculcating the motive and strength to discover what one is good at and nurturing that one zest to master on it.

In general, each individual is believed to have gifted with one special talent over which one can excel and enthrall the rest. But this is, most of the time, concealed and murdered within. The movie Super Star is themed not to let any of the talents die young. It encourages the people to step off the circle, be in the front, be clever, be reflective, be focused and display what you got.

Best Actor Tashi Pee, Best Actress Kezang D Wangmo and Karma Choechung from Super Star

Best actor and actress from a single movie

Super Star perhaps could be the 1st Bhutanese movie to win the title of the ‘Best Actor’ and the ‘Best Actress’ in the same year from the same award session.

Actor Tashi Pee Dorji, the winner of the Best Actor Award consecutively for three years (Best New Comer actor from ‘Pot of gold’ in 2016, Best Actor from ‘Nge-Tsawai-Lama’ in 2017 and he is now the ‘Best Actor’ from ‘Super Star’ in 2018). According to him, he has brought in a version of himself that was never disclosed in any of his previous movies.

Former MP Kezang D Wangmo (Dasho), the winner of the ‘Best Actress’ from Super Star has always been one lady to whom I personally look up to. Prior to her career as a Member of Parliament for the last five years, she has been the winner of the Best New Comer Actress and the Best Actress in the next year from the movie ‘Semgi-Damtshe’. This time, with her 1st come back movie, winning the award for the ‘Best Actress’ is an honor and the great welcome itself.

Super Star also is the winner of the ‘Best Director of Photography’ by Cheku Dorji and the winner of the ‘Best Supporting Actor– Female’ by Aum Lhamo. The movie is infact the second runner for the ‘Best Movie’ in the 18th National Film Award 2018 with nominations for:

  1. Best Comic Role
  2. Best Make-up Artist
  3. Best Choreographer
  4. Best Supporting Actor- Female
  5. Best Supporting Actor –Male
  6. Best Editor
  7. Best Script Writer
  8. Best Back ground score
  9. Best Sound design
  10. Best Director
Best Actress Kezang D Wangmo with former Prime Minister Dasho Tshering Tobgay and Kencho Wangdi

What makes Super Star special?

Gyem Dorji (Dasho) always leaves a lasting impression in everyone’s heart from each of his movies. This time, from the movie Super Star, his one mischievous dialogue on his manhood has gone viral.  People have started mimicking and playing with the dialogue in their own self-made videos and in the ‘Tik-Tok’ in thousand funny and ridiculous ways. I have heard people talking that they are excited about the movie particularly because of that one dialogue.

Similarly, unlike other movies with several actresses, Super Star has only one lead female actress (Kezang D Wangmo) who revolves around all the male actors. I am personally excited how she is the lover of Kencho Wangdi, Tashi Pee Dorji, and Karma Cheochung in a single movie unless she is a twin or a triplet.

Super Star also has the new vocalists, (listen to all the Super star songs here) who were all once a contestant of the Druk Super Star Show. This is one very good opportunity especially for these youths to exhibit their talents. Sangay Tshering better known as ‘Mr Black’ and Sonam Dema are both the contestants of the Druk Super Star show who are now seen as a new faces in the movie Super Star. For them, it is a very privileged ground from where they can further grow and get groomed.  

With all these exciting features in Super Star, I personally don’t find a reason on behalf of everyone not to watch it. Please show up and show your love. It would be soon in Lugar Theatre after ‘Ninda Drakpa’ to make this spring more beautiful.

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