Movie Review – Gom Kadrinchen


Bhutanese movies apparently have the hero, heroine and the villain. The hero and heroine firstly falls in love, they sing some romantic songs, and just as when they are thought to be doing well, the villain enters and causes the chaos. The lovers then get separated until the villain apologize and reunite back. And that’s the happy ending and that’s how most Bhutanese movies are. However, the recent movie Gom Kadrinchen is a break-out movie from sharing such a similar story line and the theme.

Gom Kadrinchen is not about an unrealistic fancy and fairy tale but a movie someone can personally relate and connect to. The suffering and struggles of the characters are relatable in one way or another. It is not alien to born to a humble family, to have the mother died, to have the alcoholic and abusive brother in-law and to have the only sister struggling for the education of her younger brother. Anybody can come from such kind of family background and undergo a series of hardships.

Making the movie more real is that the hero who otherwise is thought to accomplish everything like that in any other trending movies is with repeated downfalls and failures. What is started with the expectation that the younger brother will study well, find a decent job and help his elder sister lead a good life ends in the other way.

Narration of the Movie Gom Kadrinchen

Starring Tshering Younten as Yenten – the broken boy from the broken family whose only hope is his elder sister Wangmo (Starring Sonam Lhamo) after both their parents dies a pathetic death undergoes a series of brutal hardships in his educational journey. If it is not for Yenten, I bet 99% of us would have quit from a long time.

From surviving on the left over foods to sleeping on the cold street, from working on the road side to meeting with an innocent day-light robber, Yenten is repeatedly put under miserable days. His circle of miseries gets aggravated with the death of his sister just before the examination. His abusive brother in-law does not let him in the house. Yeten becomes a homeless orphan.

However, Yeten is firm at his goal towards completing his studies despite being just an average student. He doesn’t qualify for the tertiary education. However, with the help of the school principal, Yenten is offered the scholarship at Royal Thimphu College (RTC). It is at Thimphu, in the 2nd half of the movie, where Yenten is put into some desperate miseries until the movie wraps up with him giving the conclusion remark on the importance of the education on the day of his graduation.

Why you should watch Gom Kadrinchen?

1. Reminds and revives Bhutanese folk myths and practices

While the entertainment is guaranteed, the movie Gom Kadrinchen reminds the audience about the social and the communal values. It reflects on how the family matters above everyone. Moreover, the movie presents some of our forgotten ancient myths and practices.

It is very important that we (the modern people, we say) are constantly reminded about our traditional and folk practices. For instance, our ancestors in the past used to be abide by the belief that if someone dreams of a patient getting all cured or if someone gets a dream of wearing new attires, it is definitely not a good omen. Similarly, the breaking of the milk bottle or the container also is considered to be not a good sign.

While all of these believes are at the verge of extinction with our people today being influenced by the modern and western culture, the movie Gom Kadrinchen is the perfect audio-visual reminders to revive and remind us to all these ancestral believes and practices.

2. Enormous fun and entertainment

Watching Gom Kadrinchen, I just came to realize that even without the legendary Phurba Thinley, Gyem Dorji and Gyem Tshering in the casts, the fun and laughter can be ensured.  

The famous Ram Bdr from the movie ‘Sem Hingi Meto’ is starred as Tenla in Gom Kadrinchen. His roles this time as a friend to Yenten is decent and credible. However, he displays some of the humorous scenes constantly provoking laughter in the hall.

Moreover, that one part when Yeten gets all confused with the direction to Royal Thimphu College is hilarious. The cab driver who purposefully drives Yenten back to the stop point from RTC just because Yenten failed to give him the fare is epic. I never dreamt such act could ever turn into comedy until I watch Gom Kadrinchen.   

3. Extremely good performing characters

 It is needless to say how natural the acting of the main actor Tshering Yoenten is. We have seen him in several feature movies like Drimed Kuenduen, Dhoen Yoe Dhendup, Pot of gold and many others. The actor is just too good.

Sonam Lhamo is another leading casts in the movie. (Candidly I have not seen her in any of the past movies. I believe she is new. Need to confirm on this). Her acting is commendable. I bet no other would have performed better than her in Gom Kadrinchen. As of wife of an abusive and alcoholic husband, she is constantly tortured and traumatized. The way she cries and screams at the beating from her husband appears so real.

Another equally and intriguing character is Sir Nidup Dorji. This veteran and the most versatile actor is starred as an abusive and alcoholic husband ‘Tawla.’ Well, we have repeatedly watched Nidup Dorji as a villain but this time his role is just worst and heartless. I was personally excited about Gom Kadrinchen because of him and it was all the worth.

Similarly, Gom Kadrichen has several other interesting casts like Pema Tenzin (Tenla), Tenzin Chophel, Samten Wangchuk, Damcho Tenzin, Tshering Yangki, Tshewang Lham and Aum Zam.

4. Reiterates on the importance of education, societal and communal values

Gom Kadrichen unlike other movies imparts a strong societal message especially on the importance of the education and the need to have the consistence perseverance towards what is morally right. The movie also conveys the message to always remember our elders especially our parents and teachers who are our support system.

Moreover, Gom Kadrinchen is the movie that re-defines the meaning of a good movie. Even without a hero and heroine falling love, and the following dramatic consequences, one can be a good movie if it is educative and entertaining like Gom Kadrinchen. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gom Kadrinchen is the winner of the best educational movie in the next National Film Award.


Based on a true story, Gom Kadrinchen is the movie from the director of the movie ‘Kajaa’, Singye Wangchuk. Rather than for a commercial purpose, the Director revealed that Gom Kadrinchen is conceptualized with the social motives. The movie come out justifying the director’s motives.

From the house of TTL production, Gom Kadricnchen is currently screening at City Cinema hall 2 and also in the Trowa Theatre.  I urge everyone to please go and watch this movie to witness yourself how true our review here is! 

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