Meet Sonam Tenzin- a gradually rising star from his love towards Bhutanese movies

Sonam Tenzin, 20, was a common boy from Wangdue Dzongkhag who was born with an immense interest towards Bhutanese movies. He would watch every movie that would be screened by the BBS at their tiny television set at home. He couldn’t continue the Higher education after 10th grade. Back at school, he wouldn’t miss any movie that came to screen at their school. His favorite actor was Tandin Sonam, Tshering Gyaltshen and Sherab Lhamo.

Growing up at village, he always fantasized the life of an actor. He would dream what if he also gets to perform and come on screen. But he didn’t have anyone close to him who works for the movies. Thus, he had let a slow-death to his dreams. However, he managed a facebook group called “Bhutanese Film Information“. He wanted to share every bit of Bhutanese movie in his social account group and that’s when he set a fortune to be part of the Bhutanese movies.

His facebook group which now has over 90K followers garnered the attention of famous actors and actresses including the seasoning director and Choreographer Karma Jerry. Karma Jerry and other actors kept alive of the facebook account feeding him lots of information like release dates of the movies and the cinemas.

According to Sonam Tenzin, 28th December 2018 is the day he will never forget in his life. It is the day when Karma Jerry asked him to the shooting set of the blockbuster movie ‘Dew Sanja’ and offered him a role as a supporting debut actor. That’s the life changing event for him. He became even more fond of the Bhutanese movies.

With the support and guidance from Karma Jerry and Tandin Sonam to whom he is grateful for, Sonam Tenzin got a cameo role in the movie ‘Druk-when the dragon roars’ and ‘Guru Rinpoche Khenoh’. These are the two movies which the audiences are eagerly waiting for. Sonam Tenzin is also grateful for Producer Dorji Wangchuk who works under the production brand name ‘Dorjigs Production.’

Since then, he also took up the negative role for the movie ‘Phooja’ under the production of one of his close friends. He has also acted in the short movie called ‘Che wa metakpa’ which was broadcasted in the BBS recently. His recent short movie which was scripted by himself called the ‘Ravage-the journey’ and he as a protagonist himself also is scheduled to be broadcasted in the BBS in the coming days.

So, you see, from being commoner, Sonam Tenzin is climbing a gradual ladder towards becoming a screen star. Currently, he is engaged as a show manager at the Druk Super Dancers 2020. He is grateful to Kencho Wangdi for honoring him the opportunity.

From this inspiring story of this young and bold rising star, one can learn that patience, perseverance, commitment, and hard works matters. He said, ‘successful stories are not originated by itself. They are created with lots of efforts and sacrifices.’ It is true. He didn’t become an actor over the night. With the first opportunity given to him by Karma Jerry, Sonam Tenizn has worked hard behind the scene. He said, “Even for a single scene, I practice and rehearsal a lot backstage’.

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