Jamyang Japay- The journey from a dance enthusiast to the judge on the Druk Super Dancers Show

Druk Super Dancers is one of the biggest platforms for the dance enthusiasts in Bhutan. And having someone like Jamyang Japay, a young man, as the judge on this highly regarded dance reality show, is a story of success and achievement.

Jamyang Dorji better known with his stage name as Jamyang Japay is a 24-year-old man who is an accomplished dancer. He had started dancing at the early age of 12. Never did he think he would one day become a successful dancer in the country. Back then, he just wanted to dance for his own pleasure.

Now merely after 13 years, he diligently takes the seat as a judge in the Druk Super Dancers Television show. As a judge he is very particular, focused and commendable. His comments sound like it is coming from one old wise man. The dancers are also appreciative of his insightful input.

Here is the story of how Jamyang Japay started dancing:

Dancing was what kept Jamyang Japay happy and contended since his childhood. He just wanted to dance everyday. And his love for dancing brought him to Karma Jerry who is the Bhutanese dance expert himself. Karma Jerry offered Jamyang Japay the role of a background dancer in his movie ‘Sa dha Nam’ making it his entry to the Film Industry and of course to the on-screen dance platforms.

Choreographer Karma Jerry kept a close look on this young talented dancer. He offered another role as a background dancer in the movie ‘Mermaid 1’. Subsequently, Jamyang Japay became a regular background Dancers in many of Karma Jerry’s movies.

In 2013, for the first time, Jamyang Japay was offered the role of assistant choreographer in the movie ‘Acho Kelden’ by Karma Jerry. By then, the talents of Jamyang Japay was recognized. By the end of 2013, he took the role of a full time choreographer in the movie ‘Jignang’. After that, there was no looking back. He also worked as an assistant director and visual editor for the movies. Sometimes he gives dance classes to the young dancers.

Jamyang Japay has so far choreographed 31 movies and was the assistant director for 4 feature movies. He has directed 2 music videos and also got the chance to choreograph 2 Bollywood movies – Rolong and Max Ki Gun.

In 2019, Jamyang Japay was the winner of the Best Choreographer from the movie ‘Ya Lama Nga’ and the Best Art Director from the movie ‘Wind of Karma’ in the same year. So much has achieved at the very young age and he credits his mother for the unconditional love and support for what he does.

It is often said that Dancers in Bhutan have no future. But Jamyang Japay believes that it is not true. He urges young people to dance and follow their passion. He also requests the parents to support their children who are interested in dancing. He believes talents have no limit. If one is extremely talented in dancing, there is a huge opportunity for them to enter the international platforms.

Today, Jamyang Japay, the judge of the Druk Super Dancers, feels honored to be sitting on the judging chair. It is a dream come true for him. He expresses his gratitude to the show organizers especially the show’s producer, Mr Kencho Wangdi. Jamyang Japay says that the young people today, especially the performers in the Druk Super Dancers are highly talented. He is happy to support and help the young dancers anyway possible.

Jamyang Japay with the awards in 2019.

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