Movie Review- Gau Chakala

I would definitely want to crash the world and burn everything out of that person who murders my father right before me. I would hate and repent. I would do everything just to get back the revenge, and yes, that would include even the fights and drugs. I wouldn’t mind how evil I would get if I can bring justice to my poor father. And yes, this is what is exactly happening to the main character of the new movie Gau Chakala – the journey of Jack. 

Starring Jigme Ring as Jack and later on as a Gaw Chakala, he is once a helpless village boy who after leading a good share of rusty city life once again returns to the originality. But this time as a disabled black smith along with his son who is abandoned by his own mother. I am personally awed by the performance of Jigme Ring as Gau Chakala more than as Jack.

As Jack, Jigme Ring is the master of his own life, the villain and also the hero. He would crash and smash and also repair. But his circle of friends and his mindset to revoke and solve that mystery of finding the Prado team who murdered his father wouldn’t let him in peace.

Making the matter even worst, Jack is an apple of eye to Euden, staring Tenzin Dolma. This classically good looking, graceful and the chubby-face actress have given one of the best performances despite it being her debut.

With the hope of having a normal family life, Euden gives herself to Jack and even bears his child. However after the repeated failure from Jack to give her and the child a decent life, she abandons both the child and husband to go and live a luxurious life with Ap Gembo. 

Ap Gembo, the man who plays the world with the money is performed by veteran actor Wang Kezang Dorji better known as Ap Kazi who is the main man in the ongoing movie Nge Agay. Just to woo that one gorgeous woman, Euden, he silently pours out all of his money to bring the tears and frictions to her already married life with Jack. 

From murdering Jack’s father to wooing his wife and now snatching his son Pezang, staring the little boy Tandin Yoezer Wangchuk, Ap Gembo repeatedly is the chronically devil that a person can ever be. 

With all these emotionally-thrilling and the heartbreaking climax, the movie Gau Chakala apparently is one of the best fight and the action Bhutanese movies. (Often a time, Bhutanese movies are criticized and laughed at the fight scenes, but in Gau Chakla, one can feel the real charm of the fights). Therefore, those people who love wild and the action movies please go and watch this Gau Chakala for your personal pleasure.

Why you should watch Gau Chakla? 

With all those crooked characters especially Ap Gembo and the money minded Kinley Yangden playing with the miserable life of Jack and Euden, Gau Chakala is the movie highlighting a war between the love and money. (This tragedy and the power of money to win everything over the helpless love, the money which can deteriorate all of other’s happiness is the deadliest weapon if not used wisely.)

Similarly, some wise man has once said “a woman’s loyalty is tested when a man has nothing and that a man’s loyalty is tested when he has everything.” This famous maxim has proven so right in Gau Chakala. If you’re curious and feel that I am exaggerating here, please watch and witness it yourself.

On other hand, Mr Jack now as Gau Chakala develops the strongest bond with his son. The duo back in their village lives a very low but a harmonious life. It is all the applause when a son is his father’s strength. However, as you can now predict, the shameless Euden and Ap Gembo reappears in the life of Gau Chakala and his son. Anyway, it is all about that evil vicious cycle that one has to revolve around because the God eventually sees the truth. 

Additionally, from the matter including unemployment problem to the desire of the younger people to live in the town, from the selfless love of the parents to the evil power of money, the movie Gau Chakla touches on every realities some people of this generation are actually living through. 


Directed by the king of Bhutanese serial Dechen Wangdi, the movie Gau Chakala is definitely the one to amaze the audience through its enthralling story line. It is the movie filled with grooves and ridges just like that in a human brain as the movie is never the plain narration and the incidences. The movie is full of hustles and bustles but of concrete theme and pleasures with numbers of hit songs guarantying enormous fun and entertainment.

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