Druk – when a dragon roars – A new revolution on set!

2019 definitely is going good cinemato-graphically. The super blockbluster Super Star, Dhunghing Parigam, Karma Mindu, Yoe bum Yoetsho … has already set the benchmark. And now bringing in the equally thrilling revolution is the upcoming movie ‘Druk- when a dragon roars.’

Tshering Gyeltshen – the veteran and the all-time Bhutanese heartthrob, the reason for making the movie Che Pai Bu, Hingtam, Thank you Sir, My perfect girl a highest rated Bhutanese movies is now the deep, wide and a never-dated Jigme in the Druk- when a dragon roars.

To make the indestructible Jigme mystified, livid, nervous, loved, senti-prone and complete is Sherab Lhamo – the woman of grace, sweetness and sparkle all bundled up in a beautiful package. She is the Juliet of Jigme as Woezer. Sherab in the real world is one of the most loved and the pretty face in the Film Association of Bhutan.

This movie Druk- when a  dragon roars is the come back movie of the lead male actor Tshering Gyeltshen after a couple of years off-screen. Moreover, it is the first movie to have the lead actor and lead actress pairing up together, and to this pair, people already have started commenting as the ‘match made in sliver screen heaven.’

Tshering Gyeltshen and Sherab Lhamo as Jigme and Woezer

Giving another strong reason to be tempted for this movie Druk- when a dragon roars is another loving cast Chencho Gyeltshen. Chencho Gyeltshen (CG7) and better known as Bhutanese Ronaldo is the football star. He, for the last few years, has captured the hearts all over the nation as the football star. Moreover, he is also the first Bhutanese international footballer to be hired and play in the ISL club of Bengaluru.  

In the midst of building up his profile as the football star, Chencho Gyeltshen is now diverisifying his talents and debuting for the movie Druk- when a dragon roars. Chencho has his own circle of fans. Therefore, just to see Chencho in the silver screen, we can assume that even the people not very fond of Bhutanese movies but of football will turn up to support this Druk- when a dragon roars.

In addition, Kunga Tenzin Dorji better known as ‘Supe’ is also one of the core characters in the Druk- when a dragon roars. From a radio-valley host to the freelance journalist, he is an iconic musician and an actor. Moreover he is a publisher, script writer, and the receiver of the Jigme Singye Wangchuck prestigious journalism award in 2016. I personally is a huge fan of Supe for his multi-talents. I sometimes silently wonder what is there this man can’t do? The reason that Supe is appearing in the Druk- when a dragon roars is already the enough reason why I can’t endure any more to see this movie becoming a huge hit in the town very soon.

The core team of Druk

Presented by the Project Bhutan Entertainment, Druk- when a dragon roars is a film to be directed by Sonam Dorji also known as ‘Casper.’ In the recent update on the movie by the lead actor Tshering Gyeltshen in Instagram, he has wrote, “Druk the movie is an INVITATION, and a CELEBRATION.”

“An invitation to partake of the best that every Bhutanese is capable of fostering and or delivering. Its digs deep into values that we must hold dear to our hearts as a people and a nation. Football, the fulcrum on which Druk turns and twirls, is a metaphor.

Druk is a Celebration. Of our latent ad unbridled potential. Of those who dream dreams undreamed and tread the untrodden path. And of those who excel and shine. Football is a case in point and, again, also a metaphor. With Druk, we niggle and salute the indefatigable Bhutanese spirit.”

With all these captivating and rich updates, Druk- when a dragon roars is already on set, and the only thing we need to do is to keep supporting these amazing team, and wait until it is brought right before us on the screen. The team of this website sends all our good wishes for this upcoming Bhutanese movie revolution.

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