Why I think Tandin Sonam should be the best actor from the movie Dew Sanja.

Tandin Sonam is known for his versatility in acting ever since he came on the silver screen with his debut movie ‘Sleeping beauty.’ The actor apart from his very charismatic appearance has the potential of displaying the real-life emotions and personalities on screen. He is also one of the Bhutanese actors who can dance very well.

From being the lead actor in various famous movies like Chelo Dorji, Khuji Tshering, Singlem, Hingtam Bangzoe, Doro Zam and many others, his recent blog buster ‘Dew Sanja’ is one in which he has displayed the part of him which were never displayed before.

In Dew Sanja, Tandin Sonam as a typical civil servant serves the country with his upmost dedication and integrity that had him with commendable acting which I candidly feel is very much worth the award for the ‘Best Actor.’

Here are some reasons why Tandin Sonam is worth the title of ‘best actor ‘ from Dew Sanja.

1# His role as a committed, sincere and the corruption free engineer

Inspired by his Majesty the King, Tandin Sonam as ‘Dew Sanja’ is groomed to be a committed and truthful person by his single mother since his early age.
As an engineer, Tandin Sonam does his duties with utmost integrity and sincerity. He is against any form of corruption. He does not entertains favoritism and or nepotism. A person like him is exactly what is needed in many of the work place these days.

2# His speaking style

Accentuated in a typical ‘Haap’ accent, the speaking style of Tandin Sonam Dew Sanja is one of my personal favorite.
He does not speak the everyday Dzongkha that we get to hear or speak. The pronunciation, intonation and accent on Dew Sanja is different. I think, in a way, his speaking promotes the local dialects of Haaps.

3# His life style and the presentation

Tandin Sonam walks and acts like one of the old village man. That’s why he is often called as ‘Agay’ in the movie. 
Always adorned with the National Gho, he chose simplicity over everything. He visits the ‘party hall’ for the first time under the influence of his friends. This tells a good -humble person are though least exposed to western influence but they do stick on our own roots.

4#His doma eating habit

Ofcorse doma eating is not good for health in real life, Tandin Sonam is fond of doma since his early age in Dew Sanja.
He is seen eating doma in every scene. In a way, this doma earing habit can be relatable to the real life of many Bhutanese. 

5# The life in the prison

Dew Sanja is one movie which has got all the elements of a good story. It has the happy part, comedy, and also the tragedy.
When Tandin Sonam tragically happens to be at the prison, the emotions he displays seems so real that it brings tears to the audience. His crying scenes are so real and awesome.

6# Constant reminder on patriotism

Our monarchs are the ones why there is safety, pride and smile on every Bhutanese. In Dew Sanja, there are several occasions where Tandin Sonam reminds the audience of the patriotism.
For instance, the collection of His Majesty’s photo and hanging those all over his room and office walls triggers the audience the sense of patriotism.

7# Humbleness and an inspiration

Tandin Sonam displays the perfect example of a humble lifestyle. He does not discriminate the people by status. For instance, Tandin Sonam being friendly with the doma-seller lady and her son shows that he is socially considerate. This character of him inspires the little boy.

All in all, Tandin Sonam has done an incredible acting in Dew Sanja giving justice to the commendable story line. With the versatility of his acting in Dew Sanja, I very much feel he surely deserves the ‘Best Actor Award.’

For your kind information, Dew Sanja 2 is tentatively going to come on set by 2022.

(Please note the above points are all the personal feelings from the author as an audience.)

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