Movie Review – The Wind of Karma

A princesses born to a powerful local lord is forcefully married to the man of her expected match. But her heart is already melted to the poor man who works under them as a slave. And, that’s when all the tragedies and conspiracy start!” This happens in the first generation of their love life in the latest movie The wind of Karma.

Starring the much loved Karma Choe Chong and the gorgeous Tshering Zangmo, the movie ‘The wind of Karma’ is the love story of the two generations. It is because of their undeniably true love, affections and prayers for each other that their hearts gets intertwined once again in the next life.  

However, the lovers do not get to complete their love and desires even over two consecutive generations. It is as if they are like the starlight’s of each other – destined to meet but not destined to stay together. 

Narration of the Wind of Karma

Rather than dying from the hand of the enemies, the Princess (Tshering Zangmo) boldly poisons her beloved Phuntsho (Karma Choe Chong). She offers her genuine prayers to meet Phuntsho in the next generation. However, this time, as a rich man, before she drinks the same poison. 

As the wind and the wheel of the Karma turns, Phuntsho is born as Karma – the rich and the mysterious Karma! However, he lives his life in a complete solitude. His wealth and the dignified status don’t give him any solace until he come across a miserable women of an abusive husband.

As they say, you reap what you sow, this miserable woman happens to be Yangchen – the Princess Yethro from the past generation. The two (Karma and Yangchen) accidentally meets and their Karmic connection sparks! But because Yangchen is married and has a daughter, she has the obligation that holds her back from letting that love-spark blaring.

As pathetic as any love stories can ever get, Karma and Yangchen though united by hearts, they remain far and unreachable. They sure are the starlight’s – destined to meet but not destined to stay together, destined to be far yet close by hearts. Their love story is suffocating. They never get to express what they are meant for even over two generations. I wonder how many more generations they have to get over or how many more phases of sufferings they have to tackle just to untie their love knot and have the ‘happily ever after ending.’

 I urge all of you, please go and watch this extremely enthralling ‘Wind of Karma’ that makes you forget that you are watching a digitized drama but the real life incidence. The movie is full of heartbreaks and suspense that keeps the audience caught and captivated in the action for almost long two hours.  

Production team – cast and crew of the Wind of Karma

  1. Produced by – Pedjyung Zumzhey Production
  2. A Film by – Karma Lhatrul Rinpoche
  3. Director of Photography – Sonam Druk Dorji
  4. Editor – Tshering Nidup
  5. Music Play Studio – Tandin Dorji
  6. Score Play Studio (sound) – Sonam Tobden
  7. Assistant Director – Jamyang Dorji
  8. Assistant Art Director – Karma Choe Cong and Jamyang Dorji
  9. Light – Tshering Dorji
  10. Choreographer – Jamyang Dorji
  11. Make up – Tshering Lhamo

Cast and Crew:

  1. Karma Choe Chung – leading actor
  2. Tshering Zangmo – leading actress
  3. Ugyen Dema – Child actor
  4. Wangchuk Tobgyel – Princess’s husband
  5. Sherab Lhamo, Pem Deki and Pema Yuden– special appearance
  6. Kuenzang Thinley – Abusive husband
  7. Chimi Dorji, Taba Drba, Kinwang, Pema Choki, Mummy Zam and Dorji Gyeltshen – Supporting actors

Achievement and the awards won by Wind of Karma

The movie Wind of Karma by Karma Lhatrul Rinpoche to remind all of us about our Karmic action through the love tale of Karma and Yangchen is the 1st Runner Up for the ‘Best Movie’ in the 18th Bhutan National Film Award (BNFA). It certainly is not surprising why this movie is too good to win such an honorable award.

Similarly, Wind of Karma is the winner of Best Art Director, Best Script and the Best background Score. Oh, what an enthralling the background scores the movie has got! I particularly liked it because it aroused a soothing feeling through the ancient and traditional back ground scores. The typical and male cover version of the song ‘Ausa Phaley Jomi’ from Gasa Lamai Singye is jaw-dropping.

Similarly, the Wind of Karma is nominated for several other awards for the Best actor for both female and male, Best Director, Best Photography, Best child artist and the Best Make-up. Further, the movie is the first Bhutanese movies to be released and premiered in Australia upon the demand from the viewers and supporters in May this year.


Bhutanese in general are so mythical. We believe in lots of spiritual forces and the life after death. We believe in fate and Karma. We believe in rebirth and reincarnation. Therefore, the movie Wind of Karma revolves all around these mythical believes through its heartbreaking romantic-tragedy tale.

Narrated through the book by a story reader (Pema Yuden), the Wind of Karma is the movie about an incomplete love story of the two generations with the same person. They have rightly quoted, ‘Karma might miss his flight but he won’t forget his address.’ It is like Karma might miss to be with his beloved Yangchen because of their ill fates but Karma won’t get lost in between. He would ultimately find his home at Yangchen’s love.

Moreover, I personally can foresee the 2nd part of the ‘Wind of Karma’ to be brought into the Film Association of Bhutan very soon. Oh yes, we would definitely want it. We want to see the ‘happily ever after’ of Karma and Yangchen even though it might take another hundred generations for the lover to finally reunite.

The movie is currently screening at Lugar Theater from every 6:30 pm. Please watch to feel the emotionally nerve-wrecking arousal the movie will provoke on you.

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