Chikthuen- a very popular reality show in the time of COVID19

Programmed upon the Royal intention to keep the people engaged and entertained during this time of global pandemic, the Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS) is hosting the reality show called ‘Chikthuen‘ and it is airing in the BBS channel 2 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm evedy day except on Saturday and Sunday.

Chikthuen in a plain translation to English term can be a ‘Unison.’ As the name says, the artists and performers with various talents are coming together and performing dances, songs, dramas and many more particularly. In unison, these artists educates, entertains and engages the fellow citizen in a fruitful audiovisual shows.

Why is Chikthuen a must -watch program?

Chikthuen is an advocacy and entertainment program conceived during the time of global pandemic due to COVID19. This makes the program special as it is solely intended to keep our people informed, engaged and entertained

The program basically is to keep those in quarantine out of stress and other emotional and related distractions.

The Chikthuen other than just entertaining the people is that of preserving and promoting our culture and traditions. The performers from ‘RAPA’ are showcasing the ancient folk songs, tales and values. This is a great way of reminding and instilling our people the richness of our traditions and cultures.

Similarly, Chikthuen brings in the performances of various artists and performers. The program offers them the stage to showcase and further nurture their dreams and hopes. For the aspiring artists, Chikthuen is the best platform to nurture their passions. Even those in quarantine are digitizing the songs and other videos of their interests and are broadcasting in the national television, which one can interpret as a forum designed for all.

Chikthuen also brings the seasoning movie actors and actresses whose performance leaves the people awestruck.

Very soon, Chikthuen will also broadcast the quiz and other educational program which will immensely benefit our young people and students.

In a way, Chikthuen is a multi-purpose program which does the advocacy on the COVID19, entertains the people with fun shows and also educate the young people.

Therefore, our appreciation goes out to all those people involved in bringing the Chikthuen. The performers, the anchors , and all those in back stage deserves our applauses.

The stage decoration is epic in Chikthuen. Everytime I see the portrait of His Majesty embracing the Bhutan’s map inside his arm, I get constriction in my throat and tears in my eyes. 

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