The main man behind the Bhutanese Film Information!

While many Bhutanese at large are awed at the rapid improvement and advancement in the production of the Bhutanese movies with incredibly talented and good looking artists entering-in the industry, there also is equal number of  social media users and the bloggers promoting them.

I, for the last two years, has been maintaining this website basically to promote and support the Bhutanese movies and artists, and to contribute into maintaining a proper information repository about them. And you know, unfortunately, I am often been laughed at for my work. “Oh, can’t you think of any other topics than this?”, or like, “You are quite typical than expected to be a fan of the Bhutanese movies and the artists.”

I also encountered few people who revealed that they haven’t watched any Bhutanese movies so far because its lousy and nothing exciting, and that they wonder how I am managing to keep track of every Bhutanese movies and the artists.

BUT what keeps me going on is the fact that I want to contribute in my own ways to promote, to celebrate and to maintain a proper page where the interested Bhutanese movies lovers can refer to. And more strongly, I want to keep a proper track and record of how the Bhutanese movies and the artists are evolving and progressing. Some decades back, when the first Bhutanese movie “Gasa Lamai Singye” was produced, the color grading wasn’t so rich, the photography angle isn’t so dynamic, the sound quality isn’t very clear. But now, if you watch the recent movies like Super Star, Tsep-Chelo, Yoebum Yoetsho, Dzi Meto Gu…, one will know how drastic is the development.

For this matter, some 20 years from now, maybe, some Bhutanese movies lovers (our children and grandchildren) might refer this page and conclude what and how it has developed over the time.

And today in this post, let me introduce you to Mr Sonam Tenzin- an admin of the Facebook page called “Bhutanese Film Information”, which has currently over 60K followers.

Sonam Tenzin – an admin of the Bhutanese Film Information

Mr Sonam Tenzin is an 18 year old boy who has started the Facebook page Bhutanese Film Information in 2014. He revealed that he has been a big supporter to the Bhutanese movies and artists since he has been a child. He wanted to help promoting the Bhutanese movies all over the social medias just like how the international movies especially the Bollywood and Hollywood are promoted.

He believes, by promoting the Bhutanese movies in the internet and social medias, the quality of the production will also improve because it is one forum where people can freely comment, criticize and share their views. “This will somehow help to provide an insight to the future movie makers.” He said.

Today, in his facebook page, he shares all information about the Bhuatnese movies like when it is releasing, where it is screening, and the contact information. He personally collects the information from the directors and producers. Sometimes, he is provided the information by the producers and the directors themselves.

He said, “I am getting a good support from all the actors and actresses, and also from the producers and directors to promote their movies, and so I feel contended.”

Moreover, he revealed that some producers and directors are also giving him some appreciation-money for his works. I personally feel, yes, this is how it should be. Paying some minimal service charge for those trying to promote and support the movies and artists should be valid. If there is no courtesy and even a word of acknowledgement from the people concerned, I believe, a time will come when all those urge to support and do promotion will gradually die because using internet, finding time to collect the information is an investment and effort one is making.

Being the core supporter and the promoter of the Bhutanese movies and artists, it was a huge day and a day of celebration when Sonam Tenzin got an offer to debut in the upcoming movie called ‘Dhew Sanjaa.’ He acknowledges the director Karma Jerry and the producer Dorji Wangchuk for this great opportunity.

At the personal level, as far as I am aware, there are good number of young people interested into movie making and becoming the actors and actresses. However, many of them are not willing to start from the scratch. If one is really enthusiast and can even start a Facebook page like Sonam Tenzin or come up with any other better ideas to promote and support the movies and movies makers, I am pretty sure that one can even find a fortune like how Sonam Tenzin did.


Sonam Tenzin- an admin of the most popular Facebook to promote the Bhutanese movies called “Bhutanese Film Information” voluntarily created the Facebook page in 2014. As of today, there are about 60K followers including the movies actors and actresses, producers and directors and the movie lovers.

In his page, he daily provides the information of almost all the movies basically like where it is screening and the contact information and other basic news and updates. He intends to keep managing the Facebook page and earn the followers as much as possible. On his behalf, I also request you to keep following his page to keep yourself informed.

Similarly, there is also another Facebook page called “Bhutan Films.” One can like and follow this page for the fresh updates about the Bhutanese movies and the actors and actresses.

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