Bhutanese actor who helps in combating the COVID19

It is said, “the screen actors are not hero. They are just the entertainer”, but this is not really true for all actors. Some screen actors like Tandin Wangchuk proves that they are the hero even in real life.

At this unfortunate phase where the world is infected by the COVID19 pandemic and that everyone wants to be the survivor of it, many measures are being taken including from nation’s lockdown to the street curfew. In Bhutan, the lockdown and curfew are not seen necessary as there is no case of local transmission, but there is a strict quarantine for the period of 21days for those Bhutanese who have returned home.

Therefore, a sincere assistance is needed for those in quarantine such as catering them the food, delivering their stuffs, cleaning their environment and other related works. A good number of human forces is required. For this mission, a good number of people including desups and police personnel are volunteering of which one is the actor Tandin Wangchuk. Actor Tandin Wangchuk is actively and directly engaged in the mission to combat the COVID19 in Bhutan and elsewhere in the world.

Details about Actor Tandin Wangchuk

Actor Tandin Wangchuk entered the Film Association of Bhutan in 2011 with the blockbuster film ‘Singlem’ directed by the late director Tshering Wangyel. He took the lead negative role in it. So far, he has appeared in almost 30 films in total, mostly as the lead actor.

Tandin Wangchuk has also worked with the currently leading directors like Wangchuk Talop and Karma Jerry. Some of his films like Mermaid 2, Sergi Lungten and Ninda Drakpa are famous in the country. His upcoming film called Chador-the Super Child is yet to screen.

In this phase of global challenge due to COVID19, actor Tandin Wangchuk is seen contributing to the government by assisting those in quarantine. This type of gesture indicates that the screen actors like him are the hero even in real life. We send our love and appreciation for his kind and exemplary contribution to the government of Bhutan.  

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