What is the upcoming movie Bemay Row – The precious horn bout?

It’s painful to say goodbye to someone that you don’t want to let go, but it’s more painful to ask someone to stay when you know that they really want to go.” This is all about Kuenzang Norbu (Nobs) and his feelings in ‘Bemay Row.’

I can vaguely remember my grand-mother narrating us a story a decade ago about a snake horn and an old lady which once is believed to have resided in the eastern part of the Bhutan. In that horn, the people seek refuge as a precious jewel, the otherwise called a ‘Norbu.’ The people wanted to have it stolen for themselves, and that is when all the tragedy, drama and conspiracy started. Based on this ancient folk tale, the movie Bemay Row- the precious horn, directed by the core member of the Crowner’s band, Jigme Tandin Wangchuk will come in the market this summer.

The Bemay-Row is 2 hours and 15 minutes long commercial art movie that is basically intended to let our younger generations have faith in our ancient art and histories that holds significant identities for the Bhutan and Bhutanese. The central theme of the movie is that it want to educate and advocate our people not to view our ancient art and items as a stuff to business but to worship and preserve it.

What makes the Bemay-Row interesting?

Centrally driven by the true ancient story of Bhutan, the movie has the added fictional-essence to make it visually thrilling. The promotional post of the movie says, “it was all in dead trees and the dry leaves where a boy struggle to meet up his grandmother’s last wish instead of holding his own love in his arms.”

Staring the very handsome and the male model, actor Kuenden Norbu as Gyalden and the actress Tshering Zam as Eutsho, Bemay Row is a love story between these two leading characters. However, making this love story unique from other love stories is that Kuenden doesn’t show any interest to the woman. The only person he loves the most is his grandmother. But Eutsho on other hand has her eyes and heart set to woo the very determined Kuenden.

Just as the love of these two leading actors is heading to the climax, Kunzang Norbu appears in the circle, making it a triangle. Now it’s the time to confuse the lady love. “The core of all love triangle is confusion. Confusion is to be unable to understand one’s own choices and decisions. So now we have the bigger task ahead to go and watch the movie to know the choice of Eutsho.

The Bemay Row also has the all-time favourite veteran actor Nidup Dorji bringing in his undeniable commendable crazy performances along with Karma Choechung. The crowner’s boy band also has the major role in the movie featuring themselves with various songs and dances.

Veteran actor Nidup Dorji from a scene in Bemay Row

Production team

Bemay Row is the film from the production house ‘Kuzuzangpo film production’ under the debut direction of Jigme Tandin Wangchuk. The movie has the talented and the much loved faces like Aum Zam, Aum Choday, Aup Phajo and Aup Kazi along with the several other new faces including the lead supporting actor Kunzang Norbu himself. The movie currently is under the post-shooting works like editorial and settings. It is likely to be premier by the end of June this year. So, people out there, this summer is really going to be fun. Don’t you think so?

Please update me with my next post on Journey of Tashi Pee Dorji into a reputed actor he is now!’

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