Baby Floyd with exclusive details on Sangay Thinley

Bhutan is getting richer with new songs, new artists and new music bands every year, in fact every day or every season. We have many popular music bands like Crowners, O’ Strangers, Southern Ace and now the Baby Floyd. Baby Floyd apparently is the newest music band that so many of us are recently fond with.

Baby Floyd is the modern music band officially formed in 2018 by a group of young music enthusiasts. They are 4 of them in the band who all are currently a student. Sangay Thinley, 20, is the lead vocalist. Ujal Karki, 20, is the lead guitarist. Kamal Adhikari, 23, is the bassist and Ujjal Gurung, 21, is the drummer.

They first released their debut song ‘Hoebi Soongkay’ from their debut album ‘Love an Era’ in 2018, and went up doing almost 20 performances so far in various events, pubs and clubs. They recently released their music video ‘Yeewong Ma’ in collaboration with Yeshi Lhendup’s Film with almost 100K views in a week. ‘Hangtoma and Mo Mee Ba’ are another two songs that became a huge hit in the town.

The name of the band as ‘Baby Floyd’ is somehow peculiar and catchy. We asked the reason behind it. And their response is thrilling. They said, they formed the band and started singing while all of them were a kid. Thus, baby. And they wanted to continue singing till they are old and gray. Thus, Floyd. So, their band as Baby Floyd was branded.

From their band name, one can understand that these group of young boys are going to continue singing and bring in the music revolution. They said, even though, there is no much opportunities for the musician and band like them to make a living out of music currently in Bhutan, they are not giving up on singing. In fact, they want to keep singing and keep producing more albums and keep inspiring the younger generations.

Details of Sangay Thinley – the lead vocalist

Sangay Thinley, 20, is currently a student of Royal Thimphu College pursuing BA Anthropology. He has started singing more than a decade back drawing inspiration and influence from his elder brother who is a singer himself in the Southern Ace band. Sangay has a big support from his family especially his brother.

Sangay is also the main lyric composer in the band with the assistance from his team especially from Kamal Adhikari.  According to him, the lyrics and tune for most of the songs are composed by himself. Sangay also said it is not so difficult to compose the lyrics. He just observes the daily happenings and the surroundings. He puts the observation in words. It becomes a lyric just like a poet observing the nature, putting the observation into words and then words becoming a beautiful poem.

According to Sangay, the biggest challenge in the music industry for the upcoming bands and artists like them are the lack of financial stability. There is a very limited ways to monetize their songs and albums. However, he is positive that there are few platforms like Mojo Park and other pubs and clubs who offers them the stage to perform and make some money. But singing is not primarily for money. He said, “Singing is what keeps me occupied, contended and connected with my loved ones.”

We asked him about his goals and ambitions to which he said he is still exploring and figuring what he might land up doing. But the only thing he is clear is his singing journey. “I shall continue singing and making music at any costs.” He said.

To all the readers, you can follow their facebook page at #Baby Floyd to get the daily updates on their songs and performances.

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