Best guide to excel Preliminary Examination in Bhutan

The period from the day you completed your college or university and wait to sit for the Royal Civil Service Examination (RCSE) to fulfill your life long goal is very critical. Quite often, during this crucial period, many young people are left lost. And also, for the fact that there are many guidebooks and coaches, some lends up choosing the wrong ones.

Therefore, as a limelight to remove all these barriers and holistically help the confused young minds to strategically prepare for the big event is the PE coaching by NRT.

NRT– standing for Ngawang, Rohit and Tandin, for the last three years, have been practically guiding and orienting the graduates to excel the RCSE preliminary Examination. Last year, the NRT had more than 800 graduates attending the PE coaching classes of which 95% of them got through. More than 1500 graduates have availed the coaching facilities from NRT for the last 3 years.

The firm so far has received about 450 graduates registering for this year’s coaching class, and, they would be able to take-in another 300 graduates on the first come first basis. (Please hurry up. It is your turn to register now!!!)

The NRT, just at the coaching fee of Nu 2000/- covers all the PE sections- English, Dzongkha language, problem solving and data interpretation in 20 days period.

Apart from practically engaging the students in solving the PE questions through group interactions, one-to-one session, close observation and attention from the tutors with free resources, the NRT also conducts free mock examination. The mock examination is conducted to provide students the first-hand experience of sitting for the real examination, to familiarize them with the OMR sheet and question format and the time management.

For those who haven’t registered for the coaching class, you can also attend the mock examination with the minimal fee of Nu 350/-. This year, the first mock examination is schedule to conduct on 7th July 2019.

1. Who all can register for the PE coaching class?

All the graduates residing in and around Thimphu who are appearing the RCSE this year can take the chance and win your fortune from this PE coaching!

2. How much is registration fee?

It is just Nu 2000/-. This one time registration fee will cover all the 4 sections of the PE (English, Dzongkha language, Data interpretation and Problem solving).

3. How to register?

Please click on the given link for your quick registration and to reserve your seat.

4. Form of payment for the registration fee?

Pay cash to Ngawang (contact 17411554), to Rohit (contact 17596814) or transfer via BoB account to Tandin at 100702405.

5. How long is the coaching duration?

It’s for 20 days from 7-27th July 2019 with off on Sunday (s).

6. Where is the venue?

Convenient location within the city area. Once your registration is confirmed, you will be notified about the venue.

7. Who all the tutors?

Ngawang, Tandin and Rohit! All the three have three years of intensive experiences, tactics and skills of solving the PE questions. They are also intellectually promising and personally reliable.

The Perfect guide to Preliminary Examination

Born out of Ngawang’s passion for social service, Rohit’s love for logic and Tandin’s interest in data and figures is the ‘Perfect guide to Preliminary Examination.’ With three years of intensive experiences in helping out the graduates to excel through the PE, the guidebook contains only the most important and the vital tips, tactics and elements of the PE.

At the price of Nu 350/-, this guidebook is available for sell starting this July. One can get the copy of this book from the following people and locations:

* Ngawang @ 1741 1554 (in BCCI complex)
* Sangay @ 7774 4292 (opposite to Tashi Taj)

* Rohit @ 1759 6814 (One Click Shop near BoB head office)

You may also follow their facebook page at for more updates.

Therefore, I as a private entity and of corse not related to this NRT firm in anyway, have brought up this post in my blog with one good thought to help our young graduates to choose the right forum to prepare for your big event ahead.

‘Choose the right way before it is late’ is what I would conclude with. So, your time is now. Hurry up and register for the NRT PE coaching class at: .

The 3 also undertakes similar coaching classes and mock examinations to help prepare for the main examination later.

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